Electronic Component Distributor

"V9 Electro Technologies" is a US based electronic component distributor Company. We offer a wide range of electronic components from Microcontrollers to all types of ICs, Passive Components: Resistors, capacitors, inductors etc., Interconnect products and electro-mechanical products manufactured by leading OEMs across the globe.

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Alternate / Socket Replacements

We support our Customers with Cost-Effective Alternate suggestions / Socket Replacements with PIN to PIN and Functionally Equivalents for their BOM requirements.

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EOL & Hard To Find Components

We are Specialists in Sourcing of EOL and HARD TO FIND components and support our customers with best prices and with on time delivery.

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Since 1993


We are Distributors of Electronic Components with headquarters in Georgia, USA. We have our Liaison Office at Bangalore, India and also have regional office at Hyderabad.

We support our customers with best prices with quality and at least possible delivery time. We offer a wide range of components which come under electronics, semiconductors and opto-electronics etc., we have a dedicated product team to handle each and every Line and support customer from their design stage to till the end of their Product completion stage.

Our Field Application Engineers help customers from concept stage to prototyping, and dedicated Sales team and Key Account Managers supports on commercial, logistics and kitting during Mass Production.

Our Product Range covers a wide range of applications from segments like Telecom, Defence, Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive, Medical, Railways, IOT (Internet Of Things) and various other automation applications.

Competitive Advantage:

  • Dedicated Key Account Managers

All our customers are Assigned a Key Account Manager to respond to their requirements and arrange a Quick solution, quote / queries that they have.

  • Technical Service

We will help our customers by suggesting cost effective equivalent part suggestions and support them with samples to evaluate in their Pilot Run and our FAEs are always be with them by extending support till they complete their project.

  • EOL / Hard To Find Specialist

We are specialized in identifying EOL / Hard to Find and Critical parts and support our customer by sourcing Quality parts.

  • JIT Delivery

We understand how the material supply will impact the whole Project, so we plan our ordering process accordingly and help our customers to arrange the parts Just-In-Time delivery and help them in completing their production in time.